The Middle East before Covid19

Ahmad Khan
5 min readJul 16, 2020

The region of the Middle East and North Africa encompasses all the states from Morocco east to Iran and from Turkey south to Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. This region is mostly hot and arid consisting of huge deserts. But this geography changes rapidly in the entire region. The region contains pain lands, grassy fields, mountains, and rivers. The region is rich in natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. The economy of different countries in this region depends upon these resources. As these resources are non-renewable resources so with the passage of time these resources are becoming limited and countries whose economy mainly depends upon these resources are now shifting to other means. So these countries are now investing in different sectors to make their way in this crucial world.

A few months ago, Saudi Prince MBS visited different countries and announce billions of dollars invested in these countries. These countries include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Saudi Prince first visited Pakistan and announces 22 million dollars investment in Pakistan in different sectors. Saudi Prince also announces the release of 2000 Pakistani prisoners but till now not more than 200 prisoners are sent back. Recently, two Pakistani husbands and wives are executed in Holy Land and their son is sent back as an orphan. However, no concrete steps are taken to implements the agreements until now. Saudi Arabia’s economy is mostly based on its natural resources. As these resources are decreasing day by day so Saudi Arabic is shifting its economy from the oil industry to other sectors.

Iran is also included in the Middle East region. Pakistan shares its border with Iran due to which Pakistan has a keen interest in Iran. Recently, America has imposed sanctions on Iran because Iran broke its agreement with America. America restricted other countries to trade or builds any type of relations with Iran. Due to these sanctions, the Iranian economy has suffered a lot and Iran’s oil export reduce to near zero. The tension between Iran and America is increasing every day, so other countries in the region fear that war can erupt in both. Whereas both countries neglect that they do not want to engage in war. But still, the tension is there in both countries, if war erupted in the region this would affect the whole region. Pakistani PM recently visited Iran and many agreements are signed between both countries. Iran urged Pakistan to invest in Chabahar port which is an Iranian free port.

Turkey is the largest Middle Eastern country. Turkey is one of the rich and advanced countries in the Middle East. The living standard is much better in Turkey. Like most wealthy countries, Turkey’s economy does not depend on oil. Tourism plays an important role in its economy. After the financial crisis in Turkey, the Turkish government has undergone many changes in its economy. Turkey encourages investment in private sectors and now Turkey is one of the great economies in the Middle East or Islamic World.

Israel is a small Jewish state in the Middle East. Israel is so-called the only democratic country in the Middle East. Israel is one of America’s great allies due to which America provides a lot of financial assistance to it. The Israeli government is very brutal as it has occupied West Bank, Gaza Strips, and Golan Heights. Recently, American president Trump declares Golan Heights Israel’s part which created a controversy in the region. Golan Heights is a disputed area between Israel and Palestine. Netanyahu, who recently won elections again and become Israel Prime Minister, is an extremist person who meets with Trump to get Golan Height recognition. But the rest of the world rejected this. In the Netanyahu government, Israel is now bombing Syria again and killing innocent Muslims. But no one pays attention to it.

Syria is a country that shares its southeast with Israel which is the main cause of dispute. Syria has never recognized Israel. The civil war is still going on between Syria and Israel. Israel bombs Syria with airstrikes and kills hundreds of innocent people including babies, women, and children. Due to the bloody conflict, the Syrian economy is feeble and it spends most of its money on arms. Recently, Israel again bombs Syria and kill hundreds of people, but the world is still silent. No one pays a little attention to the Syrian people.

Qatar is the wealthiest and most stable economy in the Middle East region. The economy of Qatar also depends on oil export and other natural resources. Air, sea, and land blockade was imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain, Egypt. These countries totally boycott Qatar. Saudi Arabia does not allow Qatar citizens for Holy pilgrim and block the import of Qatari goods. Like this, UAE expels the Qatari citizens from their country, and students under the exchange program are also not allowed to continue their research. As a result, Qatar also does not allow its stores to have products from these countries. Saudi Arabia wants to attack Qatar and occupy Doha but international actors do not let the Saudi government do this. Qatar also wants to by Russian made the S-400 air defense system. Saudi government opposes this deal and threat Qatar that if they buy the Russian made S-400 defense system Saudi Arabia will attack Qatar. The tension between these countries is still there and no one is ready to compromise.

Yemen is the poorest and undeveloped country in the region. Yemen citizens lack the basic facilities and also this country has very less or no natural resources. Military intervention was launched in Yemen by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and its allies. Saudi held an airstrike in Yemen killing 26 innocent people. The claim by Saudi and UAE on these attacks is that the rebels Houthi group in Yemen attack their oil tankers and destroy their property. Saudi and UAE also notify the UN about this. Attack on Yemen by Saudi makes no sense as in past Yemen was already in conflicts and had a compelling economy so the attack by a powerful economy on the crashed economy is a very absurd thing. The tension between Yemen and Gulf countries is increasing every day.

Jordan, after the statement of Trump administration to make Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, feared from America and its allies. The old rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Jordan has now taken a new shape. Saudi Arabia due to its natural resources and US support now dominated in the region. Jordan fears that America with Saudi support may develop its administration so Jordan starts seeking regional support. Jordan administration meets with Palestine, Qatar, Morocco, and Turkey officials and confesses them to help them. It is seen that two different allies are forming in the region. One is America allies which include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, and other countries. On the other side, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Russia, and Jordan are forming their allies.

The entire region is seen to be divided into two groups and the new cold war era is about to start in the region. Especially, the tension between Iran and America is more complicated and dangerous. If war erupts, it will affect not only the whole region but also other regions will also be affected by this. The only solution for peace of this region is no intervention of international or other actors. America wants to have its impact in this region due to which it is supporting Israel, which is like a little New America in the Middle East. If America stops supporting Israel and does not interfere any more in this region, peace will be achieved in no days in the entire region. Only in this way the entire region can progress.



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